Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Guide

In this segment you will discover explorer airplane terminal audits and additionally our Bangkok Airport Guide with information on WiFi, parlors, offices and services….and yes, even the names of some air terminal inns in the bangkok airport transfer event that you choose that dozing in the air terminal is not for you!

Air terminal Overview

To help you arrange your delay or overnight sleepover, here is a fast once-over of what voyagers have answered to us amid their time at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

What’s in store

Suvarnabhumi is the bigger of two Bangkok air terminals, and fills in as the essential global air terminal, with associations from around the globe.

A generally new, excellent and current airplane terminal, reminiscent of a mammoth space station. Is single terminal is one of the greatest terminals on the planet – making it a touch of confounding to explore through. Restrooms are spotless, however few and far between. One commentator recommends utilizing the restroom before heading down the concourse to your door, as restrooms are not effortlessly available airside.

Free WiFi is accessible. See WiFi in the air terminal guide underneath.

Where to Sleep

Occupied air terminal with numerous overnight explorers however the air terminal is rest agreeable with great measure of seating and some private, calmer spots.

Visit the Observation Deck on the fourth floor (take after signs for Airline Passenger Services) for less cooling, so you won’t be icy around evening time. It’s a calm zone with a couple semi-agreeable seats.

On B floor, there are a couple calm seats by the Subway and 7-Eleven; these top off rapidly.

Likewise on B floor, numerous people accumulate under the stairways for calm – yet the floor is cool so have something to lie on. (This is the section for the neighborhood prepare, which is shut from 1-6am so it’s calmer here.)

The territory close to the International Zone’s supplication room has agreeable lounge chairs (Traveler, February 2016).

Another extraordinary spot is the seventh floor perception deck, a favored spot for air terminal staff. It’s tranquil, safe, and has an electrical plug or two!

A famous spot is in the storm cellar. There are peaceful zones between Doors 7 to 10.

For continuous rest, there are rest boxes and a travel inn inside the airplane terminal. See Airport Hotels in the air terminal guide beneath.

Great to Know

There’s free drinking water close generally lavatories.

Showers are accessible in a couple of the paid parlors.

Economy class explorers can purchase a pass and unwind in a few airplane terminal parlors; showers are accessible in a few. See Airport Lounges in the airplane terminal guide underneath for areas and rates.

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